Photoshop Compositing Tutorial: My Fairy Self

Fairy Self 3.jpg
Fairy Self 3.jpg

Photoshop Compositing Tutorial: My Fairy Self

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How to load a Photoshop Action:


1.     Save your actions in an easy to find location.

  1. Save your actions in an easy to find location on your computer.
  2. Open Photoshop and go to the actions palette.
  3. If the actions palette is not visible, go to “Window”, then click “Actions” in the dropdown.
  4. In the top right corner of the actions palette, click on the small box containing an upside down triangle and 4 horizontal lines.
  5. From the drop down menu, select “Load Actions”.
  6. Navigate back to where you saved the actions and select the file ending in .atn.
  7. Click “Open” and your actions will load into the actions palette.

When the actions are loaded into the actions palette they will remain unless you delete the original folder where you saved the actions.

How to load a brush tool in Photoshop:

1.     Download the zip file containing your brushes and unpack the contents of the file. This will reveal a new folder containing a few other files, one of which is a .ABR brush file.

2.     Go to Edit > Presets > Preset Manager, select Brushes from the dropdown menu, and then add your brushes using the "Load" button.

3.     Once your brushes are loaded into Photoshop, you hit the letter 'B' to select your brush tool and then you can choose from your different brushes using the dropdown in the top toolbar.