Adobe Photoshop Basic Editing Video: Episode 2: The Clone Stamp Tool


I hope you are enjoying our series of editing videos on Adobe Photoshop CC: The Basics.  I know that I found videos online an invaluable way to learn more about the tools available.  I also found it helpful because I could go back and watch the videos over again as I was mastering a tool.  I found that the best way to do that was to pick one tool or action and work on mastering that one thing and then adding on a new skill. My attention to detail and my knowledge of photoshop are the two things that I think pushed my photography from good to great.  Thanks for tuning in with me.  I hope you enjoy the clone stamp tool video.  Lets take our portraiture to the next level! If you are interested in keeping up to date, please subscribe to my channel! Most often the new videos are posted here earlier than I release them on Facebook and Google+!

Adobe Photoshop CC Basics The Clone Stamp Tool