Adobe Photoshop Basic Editing Video: Episode : The Crop Tool


I hope you have been enjoying my Adobe Photoshop CC: The Basics series so far.  At this point, I am catering to the true beginner and starting from square one.  As it builds up I hope it will give you some insight into how I edit my portrait and also what makes images more compelling.  On our journey so far we have tackled the healing brush tool, the clone stamp tool, and now we are on to the crop tool.  In this tutorial, I talk about the different aspects of the crop tool as well as one of the ways to crop your images to make them more compelling.  I find that by paying attention to some of the constants in portrait photography such as the rule of thirds, you as the very are presented with something much more intimate and compelling.  Join me on this photoshop journey!  

Adobe Photoshop CC:The Basics: The Crop Tool