Mini Sessions are back! Schedule something super special for Mother's Day!

If you are like me, you love being a mom! You are also tired, ALL THE TIME!  

Mother's day may be that one day that you get to sit and relax for a little while.  Maybe your are totally enamoured with that adorable handmade gift and card that mean so much more than something that can be bought in a store.

There is something so special about the way your kids look at you!  It is about love and the total beauty that they see! 

I can't be the only woman/mother that hates getting in front of the camera.  That is one of the reasons it is so easy to be behind it!  Last year I challenged myself to change that.  I heard something wonderful from someone I truly admire and it rang so true that I need to share it with you all now.

"You are always beautiful especially to your children.  They don't care what size you are. They don't care what your hair looks like or how you are dressed.  You cannot wait until you fit your own picture of perfection to have your picture taken.  These are the moments that your children will remember and cherish now and after you are gone.  Now is the time to create lasting memories for you and for them."

So before I created a mommy and me mini session.  I challenged myself to do exactly what I ask of my clients.  I put myself in front of the camera!  Here are a few images from my own Mommy and Me session.