Preparing your family for a successful photo session!

As the 2019 season gears up into full swing, I want to help but answering some questions that plague most of us when we decide to book a portrait session. The most common question my clients ask me is, “What should we wear to our session?”.

This first suggestion I have is start with mom! As women we are always the most critical of our appearance. We need to feel comfortable and beautiful. Our partners and children will be easier when it comes to that. Coordinating to what we wear is a great first step.


Next, What is the weather like? Think about your location and what the day will be like. If you are cold, you will look cold in your images. For Fall and Winter, I love layers. Different combinations of textures and materials adds a level of interest to the image.

Dunphy Retake-13.jpg

What is the color palette of your home? I am sure that surprises some! Think about it, if you are going to be placing wall art up to preserve the memories that you have just captured, do you want it to clash with the decor in your house? Makes sense now doesn’t it!

Finally I suggest complementary colors, no bold patterns, and something that complements your eyes or your skin tone. Blue is always a stunning color for someone with blue eyes. I love neutrals! When you wear neutral colors you, as a person, tend to be the focus of the image and not the clothing that you are wearing. Having everyone match is not necessary. I like to see some individual style shine through.

Boston Family Photography-15.jpg

I hope this helps! Call or email to set up your session today! 508-244-4073 or