Plymouth South Shore Professional Photographer: Shout out to another great Local Business!

Many of you may have no idea but I come from a family of entrepreneurs.  My mom and my sister both own their own businesses as well.  I think that definitely deserves a shout out to local women making big things happen.  One of the best ways to keep you town thriving is to support local business. Today I am giving credit to my mom who has taught me to not be afraid to pursue you dreams and to do what you love and the money will follow.  Much like my career in photography, my mother started her music business later in life.  She went back to school when she was 35 and opened her music school with her long time friend and colleague Paul Kinnear at 42.  Today they have a thriving school with lots to offer.  Music Lessons, Instruments and and other related musical goods, Ensembles, and More.

Middle Street School of Music has been open now for over 20 years and is, I would say, the main location for musical lessons in Plymouth and the surrounding towns.  For further information about lessons and more go to Middle Street at 508-830-1766 or



In their own words:

The study of music has long been used to help instill confidence and build self-esteem was well as bringing great pleasure to both the listener as well as to the performer. It is upon this ideal that Middle Street School of Music was established in 1992.

At Middle Street School of Music our goal is to teach. We take pride in the knowledge that our staff represents some of the most respected music professionals. All of our music teachers have spent years of intense study, perfecting skills in their chosen field. They are prepared to take on the unique challenges presented with teaching both beginners and professional musicians.

Great Job to my mom and Paul for creating something wonderful!