South Shore Massachusetts

South Shore Family-Child Newborn Photographer: It's snowing again! And I am dreaming of Spring Portrait Sessions

It is snowing here again!  I know it is only the second snowstorm but  I am already ready for spring!  The beautiful weather, the warm sunshine, and of course the fun spring family portrait sessions!  

I have had time to sit down and make a list of all the fun portrait sessions I would love to do.  Creative shoots and just places that would be fun to bring families this year to do their family photo sessions!  

We have had a few temperate days, and Lucy and I have made the most of it by going out and taking some fun creative pictures.  I have some snow ideas too, But I am reminiscing mostly about all the cuties I got to photograph last year!

This portrait of Lucy was taken in the woods on one of our particularly warm days last week!

And we are now back to snow!!! 

But I can't really complain because here are some of the images we were doing last year at this time!

I guess any season in New England is all relative!  Like they say, "If you don't like the weather here, wait five minutes and it will change!"

Stay safe and warm in this winter weather!