TBT: A look back at 70 years; My grandparents: Professional Photographer Plymouth South Shore

Professional Photographer, Plymouth, South Shore, Family Photos, Wedding Photos, TBT, Throwback Thursday, Photo Restoration, Old Photos, Restoring Old Photos This is what 70 years looks like in a snapshot! Can you imagine being with someone for 70 years.  I would have to be 110 for my marriage to reach the 70 year mark...Come on modern medicine!!

My grandparents lived a whole lifetime before me and at 93 they are still going strong..knocking on wood now!  I am so blessed to have had them in my life for so long.

Some of my fondest memories are visiting different places in Pennsylvania and the surrounding states with them.  They always loved to get up and go and were never afraid to jump in the car for a fun road trip.

My grandfather was the one that went shopping with us.  You would think it would be my grandmother but she never cared for it.

My grandmother and I have recently had long conversations about family history and family stories.  With the help of a cousin I found on Ancestry.com I have been able to trace our family history back to the Pilgrims (Actually it was mostly Karen who did the tracing) and share with my grandmother that all the stories her grandmother used to tell her were true.

After all this time, my grandparents still hold hands. They are closer to each other than anyone else.  I am crossing my fingers for the 75th anniversary.  I know if anyone can make it that long it will be them!  I love you Nanny and Poppy!