TBT: Me and my sister: Professional Photographer Plymouth South Shore

So clearly this is not a picture I took but I just love having fun Throwback Thursday Posts! My sister and I are twins.  We are very close which is not true of all twins or all siblings unfortunately.  When she gets pinched I don't feel it.  I can't read her mind.  Often though we are on the same wavelength.  You can call it a twin thing or just chalk it up to being raised in the same family.  I am very proud of my sister and all that she has accomplished.  You probably so my previous post about her business, Archiplicity.  She has been designing residential and commercial buildings for 18 years.  She also rock climbs and scuba dives.  She works hard to make sure that her friends are taken care of and gives a lot of herself away to make sure that others are happy.  Today I celebrate my twin!  I also would love to give a shout out to my friend Ed Nute who took this picture of Jenny and I when we were little.  I won't call any of us out by saying how long ago this was! professional Photographer, Plymouth, South Shore, Family Photos, Family Photos, Portraits, Throwback Thursday, Photo Restoration