2016- A year in review

Looking back at this year it has brought an abundance of lasting memories.  I am so happy that I have had the chance to share that time and space with so many great families and people.

There have been celebrations of new love, new beginnings, special moments and lots of families and children.

Overall I have much to be thankful for.  I had set the goal at the beginning of the year to tackle some of my creative projects as well and I was able to tackle most of the projects I set out for myself.

I also wanted to create some work life balance and to find time to be present for my family while still running a the best photography business for my clients.  I feel like I was also able to accomplish that goal!  

I am thankful and feel so blessed to all of you who chose me for your 2016 portraits.  I am looking forward to creating more wonderful memories in 2017!

I have decided to create a new tradition and create a year in review video. This video includes some select photography sessions from the year,  Enjoy!