The Mirrored Image Photography honored by NAPCP with 3rd Place win in International Competition!

Lucy and I are beyond thrilled!  I just took 3rd place in the Toddler Division of the NAPCP International Photo Competition!  As I am sure you can tell much of my creative work for competitions are images that I photograph with my own daughter.  At her young age, she has learned how to take direction well and she is always super excited to see herself in fantasy type images.  

She, like many kids gets super excited to see their dreams become real and their imagination come to life.  I am so lucky to have such a willing participant.

We love to enter art shows and work together on fun and whimsical imagery.  

This competition was a semi-annual International Competition for all the members of NAPCP, National Association of Professional Child Photographers.  In January we came up with the idea of Lucy seeing herself as a fairy.  In New England, the weather is cold and dreary so we set something up in the studio instead.  

I like to set up my scenes ahead of time because even the best 4 year old has a really short attention span.  That way, I can get her (or whomever is modeling for me) in and out quickly and still keep it exciting for them.

So without further ado, here is our award winning image!

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