Plymouth South Shore Professional Photographer: Throwback Thursday: My grandmother

So this week is a week for tributes I guess.  I am making this throwback Thursday post about my grandmother.  She was really the linchpin that held together the family.  She was one of the most giving and most outspoken women that I knew.  She passed in 2012 and is still greatly missed.  Even at 93 we would talk every day and she was sharp as a tack.  I used to call her in the middle of the night and on my way home from work just when I wanted someone to talk to.  She was a seamstress by trade, she took care of her family with love and grace and lots of Italian cooking.  This was her photo on her wedding day.  I restored the image and I am posting the before and after of the restoration.  I miss her everyday and I love her with all my heart! Mom mom before and after