What makes an amazing photo of your child

Let's talk for a few moments about what makes a great photo.  I, like any other mother, get caught up in the asking my child for that nice smile.  " Aww, Baby, come on!  Just look at me! Smile for me just once.  You can have something special to eat if you just smile for the camera!!!"

My daughter is the most goofy, playful, rambunctious child!  Asking her to sit still and smile is like an exercise in futility!  And what I have found over time is that while I will get that smiling picture of her after much effort and duress. I have also found that these are not the ones I love the most.

The most amazing pictures are not the ones where your kids smile, but the ones where you capture the essence of who they are.

We went for a walk in the park this week.  I love how beautiful Lucy looked in her scarf and headband.  It took my breath away how sweet and adorable she is.  That is what I set out to capture.  She had different ideas.

And when she gets an idea she just keeps going, But her expressions and her personality really shine through.  Whether it is through facial expressions or movement, don't assume that your kids need to smile for the camera.

Because the one of them blowing you a kiss or being themselves dancing in the sunlight might be the best one that you always remember!