Beautifully Perfect Family Session from a Beautifully Imperfect Day

With all the rain that we have had in and around the Boston Area, I thought it perfect to post one of the most beautiful family sessions from a day that I thought would be a total bust.  

It rained all morning.  The forecast called for showers on and off.  It had taken weeks to nail down a session time and the family that I was working with wanted to try for a session anyway.  I was game for it, but when I showed up and it was still raining 10 minutes before we began our beach portrait shoot, I had my doubts about what to do.  A few minutes before the family showed up, the rain stopped, it was still overcast but seemed like the weather was moving in our favor.

What resulted were images with soft monotone colors; A sky that blended into the sand; and a mood that made these truly perfect.

Boston Families know that in New England, you take all sorts of chances with the weather.  I am so glad that this family took a chance!

At the end check out the short video I made for them!