How the sidewalk ended- a fun photo GIF tutorial

I absolutely love creating custom photography artwork for people.  This piece is one of my favorites to date for many reasons.  

I love this family.  After spending time getting to know this family I know that without a doubt this piece speaks to exactly who these children are and who their parents are.

Their mother is a teacher and wanted a timeless family piece that captured who her children were at this very moment.  They are all inquisitive and love to explore and learn.  There is also one daredevil with no fear in the bunch!  I bet you can't guess who that is!

After reflecting on it, I was certain that I had landed upon the perfect idea for a photography piece that was exactly them.  She loved the idea of taking one of their favorite places, the beach, and using photo manipulation to create a "Where the sidewalk ends" inspired piece.  

We went out to the beach and the kids were perfect, right down to the oldest posing the youngest and showing him exactly where to be.  They were so excited and energized by the idea.  Kids love to be part of something magical and they could not wait to see the final piece.

Then the rest was up to me.  Take a look and see how it all came together!

Where the sidewalk ends inspired Photo manipulation

Where the sidewalk ends inspired Photo manipulation