South Shore Boston MA Family Child Newborn Photographer: Video Series Episode One, Photoshop for Beginners, The Healing Brush Tool


I am so lucky to do what I love to do each day! I am even luckier to be successful at it.  I love photography and especially working with children!  I am also lucky to have had help along the way.  The tutorials that I have used from others have been invaluable in helping me to achieve my goals.  One of my goals for 2016 was to help others, in the same way I have been helped on my journey.  There are so many tutorials out there already for photoshop users but I wanted to break photoshop down to its most novice form so that anyone starting from the very beginning could understand, build on their knowledge of photoshop and grow.  I hope you enjoy my tutorials!  This is episode one, the healing brush tool.  For some it will be too easy, but stay tuned, I will be ramping it up!  Join me on my journey! Adobe Photoshop CC Basics The Healing Brush Tool