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Finding inspiration and elevating your art: South Shore Boston MA Family Child Newborn Photographer

I mentioned in my beginning photoshop tutorial videos that I have used videos myself along the way to help me elevate my art,  I have used both free and paid tutorials to get to where I want to be.  All of the videos I am working on are basic skill videos and will not in any way take away from the videos that I have used from other professionals.  If you are beyond the beginning stage and looking for a way to take your art to the next level, may I suggest Jinky Art Photography's annual video subscription videos.  Barb uses both Lightroom and Photoshop in her tutorials. As a person that seeks out art and inspiration as well as further learning, I have found Barb's work to be very inspiring and she is an excellent teacher when it comes to laying everything out in a clear concise manner.  Out of all the videos and tutorials I have watched this one has been the best for furthering my photoshop skills and bring out the best in my art.  I can't thank Barb enough for putting out her video series.  If you are interested, the link to her subscription based service is here:

Here are some of the images she helped to inspire of mine:

South Shore Boston Ma Family Child Newborn Photographer

Fine Art Photographer South Shore Boston MA Family, Newborn, Child Photographer

Fine Art Photographer South Shore Boston MA Family, Newborn, Child Photographer

South Shore Boston MA Family Child Newborn Photographer: Video Series Episode One, Photoshop for Beginners, The Healing Brush Tool


I am so lucky to do what I love to do each day! I am even luckier to be successful at it.  I love photography and especially working with children!  I am also lucky to have had help along the way.  The tutorials that I have used from others have been invaluable in helping me to achieve my goals.  One of my goals for 2016 was to help others, in the same way I have been helped on my journey.  There are so many tutorials out there already for photoshop users but I wanted to break photoshop down to its most novice form so that anyone starting from the very beginning could understand, build on their knowledge of photoshop and grow.  I hope you enjoy my tutorials!  This is episode one, the healing brush tool.  For some it will be too easy, but stay tuned, I will be ramping it up!  Join me on my journey! Adobe Photoshop CC Basics The Healing Brush Tool