Last Call for Cameras and Cocktails tonight at Alden Park!: Professional Photographer Plymouth South Shore

So excited for my next round of Cameras and Cocktails with Alden Park.  Alden Park has been such a fantastic venue to work with.  I would highly recommend their function room to anyone looking to host small group gathering.  And tonight we are going to have so much fun! Here is my little elevator speech for Cameras and Cocktails! If you have some time tonight, its not too late to come and join us! Drink, Socialize, Have Fun, and Take Crazy Pics!
Tuesday 6/24/14 - Cameras & Cocktails - In a Snap! 
at Alden Park Bar & Grill in Plymouth, MA
A night of fun; A lifetime of better pictures!
Come and enjoy the cocktails and take some crazy photos with your friends!

Get your friends and join us for some fun! This isn't your boring old lecture session on cameras and how an F stop differs from your aperture settings. Get insider tips and tricks on portrait photography and have a great time while you do it! Don't have a fancy camera with lots of different lenses! No worries, these tips on composition and posing will work whether you are using the camera on your phone or a top of the line camera!

You need to pre-register so sign up now!

29.99 per person

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Plymouth South Shore Professional Photographer: Shout out to Local Business: Second Nature Social Skills

FYI, I like this business so much we are doing a Cameras and Cocktails Fundraiser with them on June 19, 2014 at 7pm.  Ask me for more details on that too! I went to Notre Dame Academy in Hingham. I love the fact that so many of the women I went to school with are doing great things with their lives and in their communities. Amy Gordon is a great example of that. She started Second Nature Social Skills on a shoestring budget with no office to speak of. She had an idea that would make a difference in the lives of those around her. I am so happy to say that it has taken off and she is making great things happen along with her team.

I love the way Amy talks about her own business on her website so I am going to put her words here to explain exactly what she does:

Imagine how much easier life would be for people if they had specifically designed navigational tools showing them how to get to through the next social challenge: at school, at work, in life, with their peers.

If they had someone that could just tell them what the answers were in social situations as they learn in school?

Second Nature Social Skills aims to make this possible by using a highly visual, direct and explicit teaching approach in making the abstract and "hidden" rules concrete. This makes way to increase social mindfulness for you and your family.

Our approach is always customized to you and family. Everyone is unique and our teaching is individualized for you and your family learning needs. Second Nature Social Skills embraces this because we understand how you need to learn. We provide individualized social life maps so you and your family can confidently navigate your own journey.

Amy specializes in Autism, Asperger Syndrome, Nonverbal Learning Disorders and Anxiety. She is highly skilled and involved in her community. I cannot think of a better person to talk about for this week. Keep up the good work Amy! I love what you are doing!

You can check out her business at or contact her and her team at 508.747.2663 or



Plymouth South Shore Professional Photographer: Priceless Baby Candids

Who knows what runs through the mind of a two year old! Each day is new and exciting (and challenging, LOL) I am working on putting together the presentation for my Intro to Digital Photography Class on May 4th and I wanted to get different pictures representing different aspects of photography.  One being aperture.  Portrait Pictures are always better with a lower aperture setting because your subject stands out more from the background and comes to life a little more.  Since I have a built in subject, I asked Lucy to pose for me and after several attempts, this is what I got.  Lucy lunging toward the camera with her bunny saying : "He do it, He take my picture!"  Just such a cute moment to bring a smile to my day! Lucy 7

Plymouth South Shore Professional Photographer: Introduction to Digital Photography Class

I don’t know about you, but I am so tired of the cold wet dreary weather and so ready for the warm sun! It has been one hell of a winter.  Too many snowstorms and to much yuckiness! I know that’s my own word.  I am so happy to be looking forward to the nice weather.  In anticipation of that I scheduled my first “Introduction to Digital Photography” Class.  I am hoping it will be a nice day and we can walk around Brewster Gardens for part of the class and put our skills to use!

We will start out at Middle Street School of Music, located at 12 Middle Street in Plymouth for a lecture on basics in their big room and then move outdoors to test some skills and then back inside for follow up.  If you are interested the class is only $35.00 a person.  You can either pay here by card: or pay at the door by cash, check, or card.  Looking forward to celebrating spring with all of you!

Plymouth South Shore Professional Photographer: The Mirrored Image Photography introduces Photo Workshops for 2014!

Happy 2014 Everyone!  I hope you are having a fantastic year so far! We are starting off 2014 with some new exciting projects!  This year we are introducing Workshops!  We are excited about the kickoff one during Mardi Gras week with Alden Park Restaurant.  Alden Park is located in Colony Place located in Plymouth, MA.  This is not your typical Photography 101 type class; Learn some tips and tricks, have some drinks and fun! Come have fun and join us!  If you are interested in some more technical type classes we will be posting some of those coming up in the spring!

Click the link below to sign up!