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4 amazing tips for capturing great portraits of your kids this holiday season!


Planning on taking photos of your kids this holiday season?  Just want some better images from under the tree or near the Menorah?  Here are some tips to get you started., the mirrored image photography, tips for photographing your kids, take great portraits, taking great photos, photography tips,

Photo Tip of the week: Take better pictures with your IPhone or My favorite photo app!: Professional Photographer Plymouth South Shore

So many people are thrilled about the new release of the iPhone 6.  I am one of them.  I am also very disappointed that I won't get an upgrade to my phone for another year.  Most of my disappointment has to do with the changes that Apple has made to their camera and the fact that I desperately want to get my hands on that! If you are like me and won't be getting a new iPhone any time soon, let me help!  Here are just a few helpful tips that have made my picture taking much better with my current IPhone:

1. Camera+ :  this is probably the best app that I have found for gaining control over your pictures.  You can control your many facets of your overall frame as well as the different components of your picture.

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2. Use the little box: You have all seen this; the square that pops up in the middle of your frame.  Did you know that when you tap in the middle of that box, your phone selects your exposure?  Also, you can move that box, I suggest moving it to the darkest part of your image and seeing if this helps to give you something that is more evenly exposed.

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3. Pay attention to the light:  If you are posing people, and I have said this about taking pictures with a camera as well, move them to a place with good light.  The easiest way to take a well exposed picture is to put people in the shade.  That way no one has weird shadows on their faces and you can expose for a even lighting source.  If you are comfortable with being a little more advanced, play with light.  Look for highlighting on hair or other neat accents to your photo.

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4. Keep your finger on the trigger and steady yourself:  The iPhone won't take a picture until you let go of the capture button so hold your figure on the button to set the frame and make sure you are happy, then release your finger.

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Good luck with all of this and I hope it helps.  Happy Shooting!

Photo tip of the week: The fundamentals of portrait posing: Professional Photographer Plymouth South Shore

If I had a penny for every time someone has said to me, "I don't photograph well", I would be a rich woman.  Now I am not saying that we are all Salma Hayek who would look beautiful dressed in a paper bag, but I think that a lot of bad pictures have to do with bad posing.  The goal of every photograph is to accentuate the positive and downplay what people do not like about themselves.  Part of understanding that comes from taking a lot of portraits and learning what looks good and part of it comes from talking to your clients about what they are happy with and what makes them insecure.  Here are some helpful tips to get you started:

  1. Change perspective:
  • Stand on a chair
  • Lay on the floor
  • Hold the camera above your head.
  • Use things around you to change your perspective


  1. Close, Close Close
  • Break the ice, make people laugh
  • Make a photo more intimate
  1. Get at their level and take candids in their environment:
  • Play outside
  • Sit on the ground or a chair
  1. Side over the shoulder most flattering angle
  • Need to be at eye level in most cases
  • Avoid photographing down someone’s shirt!
  • No Mug shots
  • Turn person slightly to the side and have them look over their shoulder; that is the most flattering for all body types.  And don’t we all have something we don’t like! I have never posted a photo on Facebook that I have not photo shopped!


  1. Chin Down
  • Photographing underneath can increase stature as you saw but make sure that people are keeping their chins down or else you will end up with what I like to call the double chin effect!

Happy Shooting!

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Photo Tip of the Week: Taking pictures of Fireworks!!: Professional Photographer Plymouth South Shore

Happy Fourth of July everyone!!! Leading up to this fun festive time of year, I wanted to give you some pointers on photographing fireworks. First, you need to use a tripod (or another stable surface like a table) to keep your camera from moving.  Otherwise you are going to show the vibration of your hand in the picture and it will come out blurry!!  We don't want that!

If your camera has a bulb setting, you want to use that and it you have a remote trigger even better.  You want to keep the shutter open for the whole time that the firework is in the air to get the most dynamic picture.  Open the shutter when the firework goes off and keep it open until it dissapates.

Use a low shutter speed for a clean shot.  The natural tendency would be to use a high ISO because it is dark out, but that also brings in all the residual light pollution from every other light source around you.  Your sky will look yellow and grainy instead of clean and crisp.

Happy Shooting!  Can't wait to see some of those firework pictures!!!




Last Call for Cameras and Cocktails tonight at Alden Park!: Professional Photographer Plymouth South Shore

So excited for my next round of Cameras and Cocktails with Alden Park.  Alden Park has been such a fantastic venue to work with.  I would highly recommend their function room to anyone looking to host small group gathering.  And tonight we are going to have so much fun! Here is my little elevator speech for Cameras and Cocktails! If you have some time tonight, its not too late to come and join us! Drink, Socialize, Have Fun, and Take Crazy Pics!
Tuesday 6/24/14 - Cameras & Cocktails - In a Snap! 
at Alden Park Bar & Grill in Plymouth, MA
A night of fun; A lifetime of better pictures!
Come and enjoy the cocktails and take some crazy photos with your friends!

Get your friends and join us for some fun! This isn't your boring old lecture session on cameras and how an F stop differs from your aperture settings. Get insider tips and tricks on portrait photography and have a great time while you do it! Don't have a fancy camera with lots of different lenses! No worries, these tips on composition and posing will work whether you are using the camera on your phone or a top of the line camera!

You need to pre-register so sign up now!

29.99 per person

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Photography Tip of The Week: Pay attention to your background: Professional Photographer South Shore Plymouth

There are certain things you start to pay attention to when you take lots of pictures.  When you feel like you have gotten the aperture right and the shutter speed right.  Your exposure is good.  Now how does a good photo become a great photo?  It's attention to detail.  If you want your subject to stand out you pick simple but picturesque backgrounds.  If you are taking snapshots on the fly and you can't control the background then you shift your subjects to make sure that there is no tree growing out of their head or a pole!  Seems simple right? But if you don't pay attention to the small details you pictures look cluttered and your subjects get lost.  Or worse, they look laughable because some object is protruding at just the wrong angle!  I try to pick simple backgrounds; a row of tall bushes, a brick wall, the beach when no one is there.  When you have control over your environment it eliminates anything that might get in the way. Happy Shooting!

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Photo Tip of the week: Capturing kids pictures: Professional Photographer Plymouth South Shore

One of the hardest things to do is to take a great picture of your kids.  I have a few tips to make that easier: 1. Pick their best time of day for pictures whether you or hiring someone or taking them yourself.  I find that for most kids that is morning.

2. Make sure your kids are well fed.  Also bring snacks, drinks, and treats to make things easier.

3. Play and interact while you are taking their pictures, it brings out the bright side of their personality.

4. If they are having a tough time, give them some time to reset.  Whether I am taking pictures for other people or myself I find that this comes in handy to change the mood.  I am more worried about getting the right shot than about the time on the clock.

Happy Shooting!

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Professional Photographer Plymouth South Shore: The best cheap investment for photography gear

Okay, so as photographers we all want lots of big fancy things to help us do our job better.  What I have come to realize is this.  The person behind the camera is more important than what equipment you have.  Its what you do with what you have.  Also, when you finally go out and buy a lens that you have been yearning for, you need to protect your investment.  I make it a rule of thumb to put a UV Filter on every lens I own.  The cost is 10-15 dollars more.  The most important thing to remember is this..if you scratch your filter you are out $10-15 and if you are scratch your lenses you can loose anywhere from $100 to thousands of dollars.  Which choice would you rather make?Photography tips. filters, UV filter, professional photographer, plymouth, south shore

Plymouth South Shore Professional Photographer: Photo Tip of the week: Taking better family photos!

So now that it is getting nicer out and summer is coming more of us are thinking about taking vacations and getting out and about.  In addition to wanting to have loads of fun on your trip, you probably want to capture some moments that remind you of the great time that you had. Here are some things that I find helpful.

1. If you are driving bring a tripod.  You want a picture of the WHOLE family.

2. When you set people up look for a location with a bench or some rocks, something that will make it easier to stagger people.  Photos are so much more interesting that way.

3. Stay away from bold prints.  If one person is wearing a brig floral caftan, that will certainly be the focus of the picture!

4.  If you have kids, take pictures in the morning.  That is usually their best time and the time they are most willing to listen to direction.  Also I am not above bribery (carry a little treat with you, a couple M&M's go a long way!

5. Mid afternoon is the best time to capture great lighting.  It's called the golden hour and you have great light if you think you can get you family to pose then.

6. Save noontime for lunch not pictures!  There is usually a hazy film on your images when the sun is right over head.  I try to avoid taking pictures at this time if I can help it!

If all of this seems like a lot, consider calling a photographer located where you are staying and having them meet you for an afternoon.  Family Photo Shoots are affordable and you won't regret having some great images to cherish!  Happy Shooting!

Family 1 beach

Plymouth South Shore Professional Photographer: Throwback Thursday: Baby Lucy

So I planned on doing more photo restoration projects for Throwback Thursday, but my little baby who is no longer a tiny baby is feeling under the weather today.  This is actually day 3 of her cold and she is bouncing back, tired and sniffling but otherwise good.  Of course that made me digress to think of my cute little baby when she was a cute little baby and then start looking through some of the cute little pictures that I have loved the best of her.  Here is just a selection of Little Lucy thus far!



Plymouth South Shore Professional Photographer: First Beach Photos of the Year!

So today was so not the day to be on the beach taking photos! Really that was yesterday, but we made it work and we had so much fun!  These kids were troopers and they had so much fun playing in the sand, they barely noticed how cold it was.  Their mother should be a stylist too! Look at the amazingly cute coordinating outfits.  I had a blast and I am so happy with our shots!  If you want to join in on the fun sign up for some family photos or join one of our mini sessions.  The first date is listed below in my trendy new postcard, thanks to the Sanford Family! Sanford1






Mini Session Card

Plymouth South Shore Professional Photographer: Beach Mini-Sessions June 21, 2014! A few sessions still left!

Are you looking for that perfect beach photo!  This is a great idea to get a jump start on Christmas photos or plan Christmas in July! Don't miss out, I have a few sessions left! Mini Session Postcard

Plymouth South Shore Professional Photographer: Ducks, Ducks, Everywhere!

Since it is Friday and the work week is winding down, I thought why not step back from work and have some fun!  A little known fact among my clients, I collect rubber ducks.  I have all different types of ducks.  This started with my best friend Paul, who unfortunately passed a few years ago.  We collected all different types of ducks together.  Paul even gave me heart ducks for valentine's day.  Before I met and married Dave, Paul was my date for everything.  In fact I told Dave that Paul was my date on Valentine's day and we would have to pick another day because that was our tradition.  Dave and I even had ducks as the favors at our wedding!  Of course, we also had a balloon artist at our wedding too!  I am going to post about him another day, but he did the most fantastic balloon animals!  Can you tell that I like to have fun!  Now the ducks mostly swim in the bath with Lucy.  My thought was, what a great collection to have!  They are fun, inexpensive, and easily transportable things to bring back from your travels and remember special people that touch your life (and give you ducks!) Just a little something to make us all smile and remember something special all at the same time! Ducks

Plymouth South Shore Professional Photographer: Photo Tip for the day!

I do a lot of reading to provide content that not only shows my work but also tips that give helpful info to other budding photographers out there.  This tip was taken partially from a list of photo tricks on Digital Camera World's Blog and partially from my own experience working with Children:

Great Photography Tip for the day: 

Taking photos of kids is fun but challenging. Keep a portrait session with kids short and sweet. If it is a larger group, take photos with kids first. Play games with them: ask them of they can see their reflection in the front element of the lens is a good way to get some eye contact.

If there is room for them to run and play then I like to use a 50mm fixed lens so that I can catch them in there element but not be on top of them. I would love an 85mm lens for these types of shoots also but I am building my collection one lens at a time.  I like fixed lenses better because you have more clarity and more control over the aperture.

Make the most of opportunities when they’re still for a moment, such as when they’re concentrating on a toy. Chat to them as you would with adults and once you’ve taken a few photos show them the results on the LCD screen, so that they feel involved.

And of course I can't resist posting a picture of my little honey with these tips!


Plymouth South Shore Professional Photographer: Talk about April Showers!

It is such a dreary dismal day today.  The kind where you just want to stay in your PJ's and inside the house!  Lucky for me I can choose to do that if I want!  That is a work at home benefit for sure.  It is also one that I almost never take advantage of!  I don't know why not! Even my flowers are hibernating today! But without the rain there would be no rainbows and no flowers!  Enjoy this day with some comfort food and some warm snuggly clothes if you can!  We are having pot roast for dinner made in the slow cooker.  This is the easiest recipe ever if you want to join in on that! Be sure to add some potatoes too though!


Plymouth South Shore Professional Photographer: A home for misfit toys

Okay, so not photography related at all, but a fun way to start off a Monday! We are not only an in-home photo studio but also a home for wayward wanders.  Because we have the convenience of being located downtown, I often go out for a walk during my down time or just to take a break.  We often find little lost friends (that's what we like to call them) along the way.  This little lost friend was found outside my house yesterday! So I bring them in, clean them up and give them a new home.  They sometimes stay here.  They sometimes head to the play area at Middle Street School of Music and then they also could end up with the toys at our Jordan Hospital drop in group.  No one is ever left behind though.  See now isn't that a fun story to make you smile on Monday!



Plymouth South Shore Professional Photographer: A day of rest and fun

Oh my! The nice weather is certainly here full force this weekend and not a moment too soon! Time to get out and start checking off one of my goals: personal creative projects. I am making it a goal this year to not only work on my business but to also balance with it the creative ideas that I have mulling around in head! These have nothing to do with making money. They only have to do with having fun! I sometimes get so wrapped up in my work (not a bad thing!), I forget about all the other fun projects I want to do. So this year, I added it to my business plan so I am making myself accountable for those things too! Here are some fun creative photos taken around town today! today was a day purely dedicated to playing.  Here are some pictures of my loves at the playground! Happy Sunday everyone! ImageImageImageImageImage

Plymouth South Shore Professional Photographer: Photography Tip of the Day: Close, Close, Close

Photography Tip of the Day: Close, Close, Close: Getting close to your subject creates a sense of intimacy and and invites you into the photograph. Be creative, fill the frame, even take a picture of a piece of a person. Don't be afraid to play around!

Plymouth South Shore Professional Photographer: Just having some fun at The Mirrored Image Photography!

It seems like lately it is so easy to focus on Photography as a business.  I love what I do and I have so many great projects and people that I work with. Before this was a business though, it was a passion and I had ideas of creative projects to do solely because they were art and not because they were jobs.
One of my goals for this year is to work on some creative projects with different people just for fun.  This will not only help me to find balance with through art projects but also help to boost creativity in everything that I do!  I am so excited to be moving forward with my first project.  Tonight I am meeting with a hairstylist and makeup artist to talk about doing portraits, but not just any portraits, full face makeup creative and fun portraits!  I will let you all know tomorrow how it goes, but I have seen some of her work and I am super excited to see where this goes!

Plymouth South Shore Professional Photographer: Valentine's Day Mini Sessions February 8, 2014

Now scheduling Valentines Day Mini Sessions for February 8, 2014. If you missed out on our Christmas Deal here's another way to give the Valentine's Day gift that will never be forgotten. For $99.00 schedule a 30 minute session and receive 8-10 edited photos and one 8X10 print.