Plymouth South Shore Professional Photographer: Ducks, Ducks, Everywhere!

Since it is Friday and the work week is winding down, I thought why not step back from work and have some fun!  A little known fact among my clients, I collect rubber ducks.  I have all different types of ducks.  This started with my best friend Paul, who unfortunately passed a few years ago.  We collected all different types of ducks together.  Paul even gave me heart ducks for valentine's day.  Before I met and married Dave, Paul was my date for everything.  In fact I told Dave that Paul was my date on Valentine's day and we would have to pick another day because that was our tradition.  Dave and I even had ducks as the favors at our wedding!  Of course, we also had a balloon artist at our wedding too!  I am going to post about him another day, but he did the most fantastic balloon animals!  Can you tell that I like to have fun!  Now the ducks mostly swim in the bath with Lucy.  My thought was, what a great collection to have!  They are fun, inexpensive, and easily transportable things to bring back from your travels and remember special people that touch your life (and give you ducks!) Just a little something to make us all smile and remember something special all at the same time! Ducks