Fly me to the moon! Creative and Fun Photomanipulation (or what I like to do in the studio!)

This winter it has been raining a lot on the South Shore of Massachusetts.  That has not left a lot of space for those magical snow sessions that I find so breathtaking.  So I need to find other ways to create magical and fun portraits.  Believe me, I have a ton of ideas!  And I am always thinking about things like this!

This photo manipulation portrait idea started in September!  As with many photographers I was intrigued with the idea of photographing the blood moon.  It is such a rare occurance, I think you need to make the most of those moments.  So I rented a lens.  Even the biggest portrait lens will not be enough for the moon.  I called a friend and fellow photographer and we planned to go out and play.

The moon is something I have featured in a couple of my images.  I find the night, the moon and the stars so magical.  The background image and the moon were taken on the same night.

The little girl in the basket is my daughter, although I would love work with some of you creating these moments for your family! Awesome images for a nursery or child's room and playroom! 

We just used a green screen and a basket to do the rest.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it.  Stay tuned for more creative projects!

Fly me to the Moon: A child's dream photo shoot