Styled Children's Portrait Photography: A Passion

One of the areas of photography that I am most passionate about is children's photography.  I am sure that this shows through in the number of candid and creative portraits that I have of children throughout the portfolio on my site.

Something that you may not be aware of is that many of these images are styled portrait sessions, that i have planned with the families to perfect every detail of our session.  That pre planning is something that I do for all my sessions, but with the children's portrait sessions, I have a collection of ideas and dresses to bolster the options that they have in their own wardrobe.

Although I have primarily done these sessions with girls, I do have many ideas that involve boys as well and I am looking forward to planning those with people this year as well.

I am well on my way to creating a wardrobe of dresses and costumes to help your little girl feel like a princess and transform her session into something magical that shows the true essence of her soul.

My next step this year other than adding to my dresses and costumes is to start styling portrait sessions around your specific child and what they are in love with.  If your little boy is in love with trains, why not consider a polar express portrait session?  If your little girl thinks she wants to be a vet how about doing a session with her checking out her dolls and stuffed animals (and maybe a real elephant!

In this Spring Portrait Session, This little girl loved this dress so much. She thought she was Elsa and wanted to take it home.  She was a true character with a fun energetic spirit that shines through in this session that was staged in Plymouth in Myles Standish State Forest.

These are some of the creative concepts I have had for my own daugher....