Photo Tip of the Week: Taking pictures of Fireworks!!: Professional Photographer Plymouth South Shore

Happy Fourth of July everyone!!! Leading up to this fun festive time of year, I wanted to give you some pointers on photographing fireworks. First, you need to use a tripod (or another stable surface like a table) to keep your camera from moving.  Otherwise you are going to show the vibration of your hand in the picture and it will come out blurry!!  We don't want that!

If your camera has a bulb setting, you want to use that and it you have a remote trigger even better.  You want to keep the shutter open for the whole time that the firework is in the air to get the most dynamic picture.  Open the shutter when the firework goes off and keep it open until it dissapates.

Use a low shutter speed for a clean shot.  The natural tendency would be to use a high ISO because it is dark out, but that also brings in all the residual light pollution from every other light source around you.  Your sky will look yellow and grainy instead of clean and crisp.

Happy Shooting!  Can't wait to see some of those firework pictures!!!