Plymouth South Shore Professional Photographer: Small Business of the Week: Martha's

So I am working on getting the word out there about some local businesses that I really appreciate having around.  Local Business is so important to me.  It keeps our communities thriving!  Another thing that is really important to me is the environment and the local food movement.  I believe that this is so important that I choose to put my money where my mouth is and spend more to support the local farmers and other local vendors in the area who also support this movement.  With all the environmental toxins, all the health hazards and environmental repercussions of mass produced meat and pesticides, we need to think about what we are putting in our bodies for food and what we are putting on our bodies the clean, moisturizes, etc... The list goes on.  

What I want to highlight is a local chef that has been doing it right from the very beginning and providing the community with amazing food to boot.

Martha Stone of Martha's in Benny's plaza in Plymouth has been providing fresh, local delicious food to the community for quite sometime and never ceases to amaze me with what she can cook up.  Martha can do more with a hot plate than most people could do with a state of the art kitchen!  If you haven't had a chance to try her cooking you will not be disappointed.  I have been sampling her delectable dishes since she had Martha's Galley and I was still in high school.  I won't call either of us out by saying how long ago that was.

Martha's is located in Benny's Plaza on Court St in Plymouth MA.

Read more about her and her business her!  Nice Job Martha!