Do you want to see just how fun our family sessions are?

This session certainly did not start out like any other!  It was originally supposed to be a beach session!  We were all packed. We left ourselves plenty of time in case the baby got hungry.  Imagine our surprise when we drove all the way out to the point (the end of Long Beach in Plymouth) and there was a minor sandstorm going on.  This is something I have never encountered in a beach session before!  We quickly changed our beach session to a pond session.  Thank goodness the South Shore has no shortage of different bodies of water! 

In the end we were super happy with the way the whole thing turned out.  The kids had a blast.  There was lots of dancing and playing.  The parents had a blast.  Let's face it, when our kids are happy anything is more enjoyable! These little girls have such a zest for life!  You can just see their warm and fun little personalities shine through!

I had fun including ASL into the photo shoot as well.  The littlest is deaf.  Having the opportunity to show the world as she sees it is so important to complete these family portraits and she this family as who they are and what is most important to them.  So happy to have the opportunity to experience this and work with them to capture images that are so important!

So in the warm hue of the evening light, the joy and love this family has shined through!