Family Beach Photos

Family Beach Photos: Fun in the Sun

It is finally starting to get warm out and I am super excited to be out on the beach again.  As a family, we often make dinner and bring it down to the beach in the summer.  Lucy can run around and we can relax and enjoy the evening.  As an extra bonus I love being on the beach taking pictures (and playing with other people's children). Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a big kid and I love playing and having fun with the kids.  I also think that is where the best and most memorable images come from.  These two adorable Kiddies were a dream to spend time with and we were able to capture some amazing images from this shoot.  Here are some more of my images! beach family photos Beach Portrait with props Sweet Beach Portrait


Plymouth South Shore Professional Photographer: Throwback Thursday: Baby Lucy

So I planned on doing more photo restoration projects for Throwback Thursday, but my little baby who is no longer a tiny baby is feeling under the weather today.  This is actually day 3 of her cold and she is bouncing back, tired and sniffling but otherwise good.  Of course that made me digress to think of my cute little baby when she was a cute little baby and then start looking through some of the cute little pictures that I have loved the best of her.  Here is just a selection of Little Lucy thus far!



Plymouth South Shore Professional Photographer: First Beach Photos of the Year!

So today was so not the day to be on the beach taking photos! Really that was yesterday, but we made it work and we had so much fun!  These kids were troopers and they had so much fun playing in the sand, they barely noticed how cold it was.  Their mother should be a stylist too! Look at the amazingly cute coordinating outfits.  I had a blast and I am so happy with our shots!  If you want to join in on the fun sign up for some family photos or join one of our mini sessions.  The first date is listed below in my trendy new postcard, thanks to the Sanford Family! Sanford1






Mini Session Card